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Guaranteed Great Gifts. Delivered Instantly.
Let them pick their size & color, or instantly exchange for their perfect gift...before it ships!
instant. thoughtful. stress-free.
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how giftnow works
  • Surprise!
    They receive your gift via email, text, messenger or printout.
  • Accept or Exchange
    They open your gift online, adjust or exchange before it ships.
  • Gift Arrives
    Your gift ships to the address they provide.
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    frequently asked questions
    • Do I need to know the recipient's preferred color, size, style or shipping address?

      No, your gift recipient has the option to choose their preferred color, size and style when they accept the gift. They will also provide their shipping address.
    • How does the recipient receive my gift?

      Your gift recipient receives an email notifying them of your gift. They follow a link from the email to our website, where a gift box opens to reveal a gift. They then get to customize and accept your gift, or they can easily exchange it, all before it ships to them.
    • Can I schedule my gift to be sent on a specific date?

      Yes, you can choose the date that the gift email is sent to the recipient. While filling in the recipient's personal info, choose a date up to 12 months in the future.


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